Ambience Monitoring System

Improve productivity by maintaining an ambient indoor climate.

Smart, wireless sensors make it easy to deploy Air Quality monitoring devices in more locations, giving facility managers and engineers a better insight into the  levels of pollutants.

  • Creating an ambient indoor environment can boost the productivity of employees and students by 5% to 10%.
  • Improve performance of employees and students by maintaining an optimal level of CO2. Research studies have shown that cognitive ability is linked to indoor CO2 levels. 
  • CO2 levels can be a good indicator of the proper functioning of HVAC.
  • Studies have shown that TVOC (total volatile organic compound) levels are higher indoors than outdoors. Monitoring of TVOCs can help early detection of the presence of harmful chemical compounds in the indoor air.
  • Reduce energy costs by controlling the HVACs with a TALOSYS monitoring system to optimize the amount of outdoor air entering the building.
  • Optimize performance of HVACs by constantly monitoring the indoor air quality.
Multiple Sensors in One


Get Alerts when CO2 levels exceed desired
levels. The detection range is 400 ppm -5000 ppm.


Monitor total volatile organic compound (TVOC). Create actionable alerts to improve air quality.

Temperature & Humidity

Display and Capture temperature and humidity data.


Save energy costs by capturing real-time luminance data to turn lights on and off remotely.

PIR Motion Sensor

Reliably detect the presence of humans to automatically turn light on and off.

Barometeric Pressure

Monitor the air pressure to prevent air leakage, and save energy.

Multiple Sensors in One

Monitor CO2, TVOC, temperature, humidity, light, and barometric pressure in a room from one device. Increase productivity and improve well being of occupants of the room.

Easy Installation

Easy installation due to the modularity and size of the sensor.  Quick and easy setup of the software for monitoring and reporting.

Reduced Energy Cost

Regular monitoring of the indoor air quality can help to optimize the HVAC system, ensuring that it runs only when required.

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